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Health Checkup Package

  • Lung Function Test

    Jul 20 , 2020
    To find out the cause in high risk person of airway problem such as smoker orsecond-hand smokers or family’s disease of chronic lung conditions.If you’re regularly exposed to
  • Hepatitis B

    Jul 20 , 2020
    hepatitis virusesThere are 5 main hepatitis viruses , referred to as types A,B,C,D  and E In particular types B lead to chronic disease in hundreds of  millions
  • Sleep Test

    Jul 20 , 2020
    Sleep Test... Snoring or snoring with sleep apnea How do we know ? just come to test with us.PackagePlatinumGoldSilverLiteTotal Price15,500 บาท14,000 Baht10,000 B
  • Pacemaker Implantation

    Jul 20 , 2020
    Pacemaker ImplantationA pacemaker insertion is the implantation of a small electronic device that is usually placed in chest wall to regulate electricalproblems with the h