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Vascular Surgery

Dr.Jakchai Boonyavanitch, MD.

Name : Dr.Jakchai Boonyavanitch, MD.
Specialty : Surgery , Vascular Surgery
Sub Specialty :

Wed17.00 - 20.00Cardiology

Dr.Kwanchai Lawanwong, MD.

Name : Dr.Kwanchai Lawanwong, MD.
Specialty :
Sub Specialty : Vascular Surgery

Consultation for Inpatient onlyVascular Surgery

Dr.Lakchai Wichawut, MD.

Name : Dr.Lakchai Wichawut, MD.
Specialty :
Sub Specialty : Surgery And Vascular Surgery
Education : M.D. , Faculty of Medicine , Chulalongkorn University
Certifications : Diploma of The Thai Board of Internal Medicine
• Diploma of The Thai Board of Endocrinology & Metabolism

Consultation for Inpatient onlyCardiology

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