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  • Cancer Screening Program

    Jul 17 , 2024
    Check Up ProgramMaleP1MaleP2FemaleP3FemaleP41. ตรวจร่างกายโดยแพทย์ (Physical Examination)2. ตรวจสัญญาณชีพ (Vital Signs)3. ตรวจค่าดัชนีมวลกาย (Body Mass Index)4. ตรวจความสมบูรณ
  • Dementia Screening Program

    Jul 09 , 2024
    Dementia Screening ProgramPrice 3,500.-The above price includes doctor's fees and hospital service fees.List1. ตรวจร่างกายโดยแพทย์ (Physical Examination)2. ตรวจคัดกรองภาวะ
  • Pain reduction by physical therapist

    Jul 01 , 2024
    Reduce neck, shoulder, and chronic pain correctly by a physical therapist.15,000 .- (10 times)free 2 times value 3,000.- This price includes doctor's fees and hospital service
  • Dengue vaccine

    May 15 , 2024
    Dengue Vaccine 4 strains2 dose, Price 4,500.-The second dose is 3 months after the first dose (the above price does not include doctor's fees, the above price includes hospita