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  • Allergy testing

    Jul 20 , 2020
    How do you find out what you’re allergic to?“Allergy testing” is good answerJust 1 time of collecting a blood sample then we might find out what substances you may be
  • Hemodialysis Access surgery

    Jul 20 , 2020
      No long queue To schedule appointment Resonable pricesOur Surgery ServicePERMANENT CATHETER – A catheter a soft tube that is placed in a lar
  • New Techniques for varicose vein

    Jul 20 , 2020
    Specialist Doctor  : Dr.Jackchai  Boonyavanitch MD. Vein specialist doctor Vascular Surgeon and Endovascular* available every Wednesday 5 – 8 PM at vascular clinic___
  • Lung Function Test

    Jul 20 , 2020
    To find out the cause in high risk person of airway problem such as smoker orsecond-hand smokers or family’s disease of chronic lung conditions.If you’re regularly exposed to