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  • Cancer Screening for women

    Mar 01 , 2023
    ProgramNormal PricePromotion Price1.Check up department   1.1 Digital Mammogram with U/S breast (screening mammogram) 4,450 2,9001.2 Digital Mammogram with U/S breas
  • Package Liver Disease Screening

    Jan 20 , 2023
    checklistL 1L 2L 3L 41. ตรวจร่างกายทั่วไปโดยอายุรแพทย์ (Physical Examination)2. ตรวจวัดพื้นฐานหาค่าดัชนีมวลกาย (Body Mass Index)3. ตรวจความสมบูรณ์ของเม็ดเลือด (Complete Blood
  • Medical Excamination Post Covid-19 Essential Check up

    Aug 17 , 2022
    Common signs and symptoms of long covid-19 Difficulty breathing cough headache. Can come to have medical excamination to diagnose and restore health to normal.Programl
  • Covid testing service (Antigen Test Kit)

    Mar 15 , 2022
    Antigen Test Kit : Price 650.-This price excluded doctor feeCovid testing service (Antigen Test Kit)with a certificate of examination results from the laboratoryThe