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  • Screening Lung Cancer

    Jul 17 , 2020
    Screening Lung Cancer with low dose CT chest : Decrease lung cancer DeathRisk FactorsAge >= 50Heavy smokersStop smoking < 15 yearFamily history of lung cancers o
  • Trigger Finger Surgery

    Jul 17 , 2020
    * lf other treatments are not successful or the condition is severe, Surgery is usually successful in restoring full movement The recovery time for trigger finger surgery is q
  • Special Program for the couples

    Apr 23 , 2020
    Special ListMeleFemalePhysical examination✓✓Body mass index✓✓Chest  X-ray✓✓Complete blood count✓✓ABO Group (Blood typing)✓✓Rh type (Rh blood group)✓✓HBs Ag✓✓Anti HBS (hep
  • Package knee and hip Replacement

    Apr 22 , 2020
    ProgramLength Of StayPackage Price : THBTotal knee Replacemen4 days 3 nights230,000.-Total hip Replacement 4 days 3 nights 270,000.-Term  and  ConditionsSt