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Core Competency

Achievement motivation
– Achievement motivation: we dedicate ourselves to provide a good, correct and on-time service. The job performance quality can be efficiently evaluated. We strive to solve the problem occurring during the working process and manage the works for the achievement according to the goal and mission.
Good service
– Good service: we dedicate ourselves to provide a good and quality service that meets the requirement and expectation of the customers and to be able to solve the problems for the customer on time, including the use of various healthcare techniques.
– Teamwork: All the staff understands their role as a team member, participates in working process and solves disputes in the team or between other teams, and promote the other members in the team achieve their goal whilst building and maintaining a good relationship.
– Ethics: All the staff complies with rules and regulations of the organization and professional ethics, perform their job with honesty, focuses on public interest more than their own benefit and encourages the other staff to comply with the rules and regulations, and perform their job correctly and fairly.
Professional expertise
– Professional expertise: All the staff is able to perform their assigned job efficiently and adjust and develop their working method to enhance the efficiency of their work and transfer the knowledge to other staff efficiently.