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Check Up Department

      Check Up Department division provides service of health checkup and consultation about healthcare to search for bodily abnormality or disorders as risk factor of diseases.      Regular health checkup can enable people to be aware of their physical abnormality to find preventive or corrective action as well as disease severity, rate of admit and reduce expenditure loss for medical treatment.       Check Up Department division can provide all kinds of health checkup including in-and-off hospital health checkup by skillful and proficient medical personnel.

  • Dr.Varunya Rattanajumroon, MD.

    Jul 03 , 2018
    Name : Dr.Varunya Rattanajumroon, MD. Specialty : Sub Specialty : Check UpDayTimeLocationMonday07.00 - 15.00Check Up DepartmentTuesday07.00 - 15.00Check Up DepartmentWednes
  • Dr.Kanitkwan Suwanborirux, MD.

    Aug 26 , 2016
    Name : Dr.Kanitkwan Suwanborirux, MD. Specialty : Sub Specialty : General PracticeDay Time LocationMon 06.00 - 16.00 Emergency DepartmentTUe 06.00 - 16