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Oncology Clinic

            Oncology clinic provides examination, diagnosis, treatment and consultation about all kinds of cancer by physicians specializing and having experiences in cancer treatment so that patients are taken care of in proper and correct ways. It is also included with recurrence prevention and consultation and palliative care by expert and experienced doctors and multidisciplinary team that can provide integrated care for good life quality with realization and emphasis on physical and mental conditions of patients and relatives to bring highest satisfaction.

Dr.Pensupa Raweelert ,MD.

Name : Dr.Pensupa Raweelert ,MD.
Specialty :
- Pulmonary Medicine and Pulmonary Critical Care
- Medical Oncology
Sub Specialty : Pulmonary Medicine

Wednesday10.00 - 14.00Pulmonary Medicine
Sunday12.00 - 16.00Pulmonary Medicine

Dr.Wirote Lausoontornsiri, MD.

Name : Dr.Wirote Lausoontornsiri, MD.
Specialty : Medical Oncology ,Internal Medicine ,Adult Hematology
Sub Specialty : Oncology

Thu10.00 -12.00Oncology

Dr.Akhom Chiansin, MD.

Name : Dr.Akhom Chiansin, MD.
Specialty : Internal Medicine
Sub Specialty : Oncology
Education : M.D. , Faculty of Medicine , Cebu Institute of Medicine , Philippines
Certifications : Diploma of the Thai Board of Internal Medicine
• Diploma of the Thai Board of Oncology

Thu17.00 - 18.00 / Visit the hospital once a year
Contact the doctor at the outpatient department 2

Contact the doctor at the outpatient department 2

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