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Neurology Clinic

        Neurological Clinic provides service of diagnosis and treatment with modern special tools and highly-experienced doctors specializing nervous system that can give treatment quickly and effectively.         Brain and nervous system are complex and vital organs and they are the center of nervous system controlling bodily mechanism and systems to work concordantly. If there’s something abnormal with brain or nervous system, patients should be diagnosed correctly, precisely and quickly with immediate treatment. Delay can worsen symptoms leading to paralysis or death.

  • Dr.Pratarn Nantaaree, MD.

    Nov 09 , 2016
    Name : Dr.Pratarn Nantaaree, MD. Specialty : Internal Medicine Sub Specialty : Neurology Education : • M.D. , Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital , Mahidol University Ce
  • Dr.Weerapan Moonman, MD.

    Aug 18 , 2016
    Name : Dr.Weerapan Moonman, MD. Specialty : Sub Specialty : Neurology Education : - -Day Time LocationMon 08.00 - 18.00 NeurologyTue 08.00 - 17.0