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Health Checkup Package

  • Package Adult Immunization

    Apr 22 , 2020
    Immunization PackageImmunization DetailDurationPrice : THB1. Influvac + Fluquadri 4 strains Vaccine*The prices include doctor fee, nursing fee and hospital fees* Influvac + F
  • Package Eye Examination

    Apr 22 , 2020
    Diabetic Eye DiseaseDiabetic eye disease (also called diabetic retinopathy) is one of most significant causes of losing one’s vision to the point that one can go completel
  • Package Dry Needling

    Oct 17 , 2019
    Dry needling is a modern medical treatment in which a needle is inserted into the skin and muscle directly at a “trigger point”, point where there is pain, that can be cause b
  • Delivery packages

    Oct 11 , 2019
    Normal Delivery PackageCesarean Delivery PackageCesarean Delivery Package32,900 .- (normal 35,900.-)44,900.- (normal 48,000.-) 47,000.- (normal 53,000.-)***Prebiotics t