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Health Checkup Package

  • Blood Test for Antibody Level against COVID-19

    Sep 30 , 2021
    Blood Test for Antibody Level against COVID-19990 Baht / person (This price includes hospital service fee, but excludes doctor fee.)For evaluating immune status of ind
  • DRIVE THRU TEST Price 1,900 baht

    Sep 30 , 2021
    Registration for COVID-19, Test For the general public who are not at risk Need Fit to Fly certificatWill be avaiable for Travel.(RT-PCR Test Results Fit to Fly Certificate av
  • Influenza Vacination 2021 (4 Strains)

    Jul 03 , 2021
    Influenza Vacination 2021 (4 Strains)Special Package Price : 790 .-For Over 15 years old , Valid Until 31 Decamber 2022Appointment Inquiries Tel : 02-185-1444 ext
  • Allergy testing

    Jul 20 , 2020
    How do you find out what you’re allergic to?“Allergy testing” is good answerJust 1 time of collecting a blood sample then we might find out what substances you may be