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Dr.Decha Wattanapongchat, MD.

Name : Dr.Decha Wattanapongchat, MD.
Specialty : Internal medicine
Sub Specialty : Internal Medicine

Monday13.30 - 16.00Internal Medicine
Tuesday10.00 - 16.00Internal Medicine
Wednesday10.00 - 16.00Internal Medicine
Thursday13.30 - 16.00Internal Medicine
Friday10.00 - 12.00Internal Medicine

Dr.Akarawut Juntrapirat, MD.

Name : Dr.Akarawut Juntrapirat, MD.
Specialty :
Sub Specialty : Gastroenterology

Saturday07.30 - 08.30Gastroenterology

Dr.Akhom Chiansin, MD.

Name : Dr.Akhom Chiansin, MD.
Specialty : Internal Medicine
Sub Specialty : Oncology
Education : M.D. , Faculty of Medicine , Cebu Institute of Medicine , Philippines
Certifications : Diploma of the Thai Board of Internal Medicine
• Diploma of the Thai Board of Oncology

Contact the doctor at the outpatient department 2Oncology

Dr.Weerapan Moonman, MD.

Name : Dr.Weerapan Moonman, MD.
Specialty :
Sub Specialty : Neurology
Education :

Monday08.00 - 18.00Neurology
Tuesday08.00 - 16.00Neurology
Wednesday08.00 - 16.00Neurology
Thursday08.00 - 16.00Neurology
Sunday08.00 - 16.00Neurology

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