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  • Screening for Heart Disease

    Oct 09 , 2019
    Screening for Heart DiseaseProgrampackage ตรวจร่างกายทั่วไปโดยแพทย์ (Physical Examination)✔️ตรวจวัดค่าดัชนีมวลกาย (ฺBody Mass Index)✔️ตรวจเอกซเ
  • Palliative Care

    Oct 09 , 2019
    Palliative care is a type of care that increases the quality of life for patients with serious illnesses which focuses on providing patients and their family with the preventi
  • Package Gastro-Colonoscopy

    Jun 05 , 2017
    Package Gastro-Colonoscopy1. Gastroscopy  9,000 Baht     Additional 5,000 Baht, in case of general anaesthetic. TOTAL  14,000 Baht 2. Colonoscopy 13,00
  • Screening for stroke package

    Nov 07 , 2016
    Screening for stroke packagePromotion list1.Physical Examination by neurologist2.Check for body mass index3.Check for vital sign BW (body weight) , HT (height)4.Check