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DIGITAL MAMOGRAPHYThis year, we have a new campaign on purchasing “DIGITAL MAMMOGRAPHY” to improve quality of Diagnostic and treatment. Digital mammography is similar to conventional mammography in that x-rays are used to produce images of the breast; however, in this technology the x-ray film is replaced by solid state detectors that convert x-rays to electrical signals. These images can be displayed on the computer screen. The radiation can be reduced by up to 50% with results as accurate as conventional mammography. With digital imaging, the image characteristics such as brightness, contrast, magnification and orientation can be adjusted to help the radiologist during diagnosis.The key advantage of digital mammography is the ability to manipulate the image electronically. This technology offers range of practical advantages and patient conveniences such as: No waiting for the film to be developed . The digital images are immediately available. The patient spends less time in the exam room. Image features can be adjusted to see subtle differences between tissues, Improved contrast between dense and non-dense breast tissue, Ability to correct under or over-exposure of films without having to repeat mammograms.Your kind donation will be highly appreciated. PR and Fund Raising Tel. 0-2158-1444 to 322 [email protected] (English) [email protected] (Thai)CAMILLIAN HOSPITAL : 423 Sukhumvit 55 (Thong Loh), North Klongtun, Wattana Bangkok Thailand Tel. 0-2185-1444 (Auto) Fax. 0-2185-1403 www.camillianhotpital.orgAccount Name CAMILLIAN HOSPITAL Bank of Ayudhaya Branch Thong Loh SWIFT CODE “AYUDTHBK” Account no. 255-1-25334-8*Please Write; CAMILLIAN HOTPITAL Kindlyfax or e-mail the bank’s pay-in slip to us after each transaction