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Package Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgeries

ProgramLength  Of  StayPackage  Price  : (THB )
Total  Abdominal  Hysterectomy with

Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy (TAH & BSO)

4 days 3 nights 


Total  Abdominal  Hysterectomy  (TAH)4 days 3 nights 


Open  Ovarian  Cystectomy4 days 3 nights 


Open  Myomectomy4 days 3 nights 


Obstetrics and gynecology package prices include :

  1. Patient room fee: Single superior room or standard room
  2. Nursing fee, general hospital fee and food fee
  3. Operating room fee, surgical equipment fee, equipment and medications for anesthetics fee
  4. Recovery room fee
  5. Surgeon fee, surgical assistant fee and anesthesiologist fee
  6. Medication fee and laboratory test(s)
  7. Laboratory test fee for 1 piece of tissue

Obstetrics and gynecology package prices do not include :

  1. Pre-operative laboratory test(s) fee
  2. Laboratory fee for additional piece(s) of tissues
  3. Check up and treatment of underlying diseases including pre-operative doctor consultation fee
  4. Fees for any health complications that may occur after the surgery
  5. Fees in the case that the patient wishes to stay longer in the recovery room; or change room type; or telephone fee; or extra food and drinks fee
  6. These packages cannot be used with CMH Member Card or other programs in the hospital
  7. Home medication fee


  1. Camillian Hospital reserves the right to change the price without prior notice

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