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Allergy testing

How do you find out what you’re allergic to?

“Allergy testing” is good answer

  • Just 1 time of collecting a blood sample then we might find out what substances you may be allergic to for more than 36 types. (food 22 types , Environment 14 types)
  • The most common allergens in Thailand
  • Find out the ingredients , which are a common cause of food allergic reaction in milk,
    wheat flour, peanuts and eggs
  • Using a small needle to draw a blood sample. It’s good for children and the elderly
  • Interpret referenced with FAST/EAST (Class standard methods (class 0 – 6) )
  • It is a test that can indicates (ROS) reactions of allergens, food groups and environmental groups with similar. Components (Cross – reactive Carbohydrate Determinant : CCD Marker)
  • Patients do not need to stop anti – histamine
  • Adopt immunoblot principle that high sensitivity and high specificity

Preparing for your Blood test

  • Do not need to stop allergic medication “Anti-histamine”
  • No need for fasting

* This allergy blood test can be done for more than 36 different allergens

special price 3,500 Baht

(Normal price 4,250 Baht)

Include doctor fees and hospital service
**Valid from Today – 31 December 2022

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