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Open registration service through the system QR Code only.

Camillian hospital    is accepting registration for Moderna Vaccine  (Limited quantity of vaccines is limited to 700 dose only.)

17 September 2021  onwards or those who reserve the right amount, the system will close the registration immediately.

Before scanning the QR code, please log in to Gmail every time to collect proof of payment.

Register from link :

Open registration service through the system  QR Code  only.

For children aged 12 years and over ,two doses of Moderna vaccination are required (28 days apart).

Price : 1,650 Thai baht / 1 Dose This price included Vaccine, insurance and hospital fee

Available this year (presumably October 2021 – March 2022)

conditions :

1.In the case of receiving the right but allow the transfer of rights to be changed

2.Appointments for vaccination by the hospital will be allocated according to the appropriateness of each person.

3.Because the hospital is not a direct importer of vaccines. In the event that the vaccination cannot be allocated, the hospital will refund the reservation fee according to the amount.

** The hospital reserves the right only for those who complete and attach payment documents. **

The hospital will send an SMS to confirm the booking eligibility within 7 days and keep as evidence of the right to receive the service.